16 Easy Entertaining Ideas



For years we have hosted many family events at our house and enjoy doing so! From Thanksgiving dinner for 40, Labor Day cookouts, baby and wedding showers, to a luau going away party, we have learned a few things along the way. Each new year provides many opportunities for festive gatherings, whether it’s an informal Super Bowl party or a formal garden party. Here are some fun ideas and tips to keep your family and friends entertained through the coming year. Now the hard part will be deciding on which one to host!

  • Don’t have much time…have a potluck. If you have a particular menu planned let your guests know what to bring.
  • Use a theme for your party and serve food and play music that goes along with your theme.
  • Plan a party around a big sports event and tune in to the game on your big screen TV.
  • For less stress or if you are short on space, allow yourself to use already prepared items. We have had a local grocer prepare the turkeys for the larger Thanksgivings since we only have one oven but needed it to bake other dishes.
  • Set up a food bar to keep things simple such as a taco, soup, baked potato, salad, pasta, or ice cream bar. Guests get to sample different soups/pastas or put together their own meal or dessert. 
  • Utilize Dollar Tree, a local party warehouse or Oriental Trading Company for inexpensive party supplies. Store your decorations and unused supplies in a plastic storage container to use again and again!
  • Celebrate Mardi Gras by having a masquerade party with a Louisiana-style menu. Provide beads and masks for your guests.
  • Fiesta with a Cinco de Mayo celebration. Serve up Mexican fare, play mariachi music, and decorate with sombreros, serape blankets, and piñatas. OLE!
  • Throw a derby party complete with derby hats, betting, mint juleps, hot browns, and derby pie.
  • Host a costume ball for Halloween with a scary movie or creepy music playing in the background.
  • Worried about socializing? Then just invite some couples over for game night and play cards, trivial pursuit or Bunco and serve finger food.
  • Welcome fall with a mini Oktoberfest and serve up grilled Brats, sauerkraut, German potato salad, German beer and some Oom-pah music.
  • Invite your guests to a wine tasting or craft beer sampler and provide a variety of cheeses, fruits, and breads or bar fare. Have your guests bring their favorite wine or beer to sample.
  • Host a hoe down and serve a country style menu, play plenty of country music, and decorate with some hay bales and bandanas.
  • Invite your friends over for food and the season premier of your favorite television series or event such as The Walking Dead or Grammy Awards or introduce everyone to your favorite series by showing the first two episodes.
  • Get creative, have fun and have people over for an 80’s night, Chinese New Year or wear your funniest t-shirt occasion! When it comes to the world of entertaining, the possibilities are endless!


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