A Senior Moment…

It happened one weekend as my husband and I were walking into the grocery store…a senior moment, actually two moments. First senior moment was forgetting the coupons in the car. The second was forgetting where we parked the car. How can you possibly forget where you parked the car when you literally just parked it? It would have been different if we were at some large mall, event, or unfamiliar area. Or maybe if we would have been away for hours then I’d understand this little lapse of memory but I forgot in just a couple of minutes. The crazy thing is I thought I remembered where we parked. So I walked to the area and wandered around a bit, crossed a row and with a sense of total confusion realized that I couldn’t remember where we parked. I’m sure I was an amusing sight to see for those sitting in their cars. Since the store had some outdoor furniture set up, I made use of a table to pretend I was looking for something in my purse. But instead of fumbling around in my purse, I was actually scanning the parking lot for our car. I did not want to go tell my husband in a panic that I had lost the car or that even worse that it had been stolen! Finally I spotted it several rows away from where I started. So luckily I remembered the reason I was returning to the car in the first place and quickly retrieved those darn coupons! My husband was waiting inside patiently and asked if everything was ok. Brushing off his question I did fess up to him as we were walking out of the store that I had a senior moment. This prompted me to quickly make a note of blogging about those annoying senior moments in our lives which tend to frequent us more and more. I think my next car will be neon orange so that it really stands out in a parking lot! Have you had your senior moment today?

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