Let The Music Move You


Music is such a therapeutic escape. Songs have the ability to move you on an emotional and physical level. Like a mood-altering drug, music can make you cry or it can lift you up. Maybe you’ve had an exhausting day when your favorite song comes on the radio and all of a sudden you are dancing around the room with newfound energy. Or you could be in a great mood when a sad song comes on bringing tears to your eyes.

It always amazes me when I hear certain songs from my past and I’m immediately taken on a trip down memory lane. I might find myself at the junior high dance, or reliving a moment in my childhood or on my wedding day.

Not only did I grow up listening to disco, rock and pop, but thanks to my parents I was influenced by the Big Band musicians and the sounds of Cumbia. Being raised by my military dad and Mexican mom who were 10-15 years older than most of my classmates’ parents, meant growing up in a culturally diverse world of music. Then, years later, marrying a man who plays both acoustic and electric guitar has also broadened my musical horizon.

To this day I remain quite eclectic in my taste for music. And I never let my age dictate my music. If I want to listen to P!nk, The Black Eyed Peas, Red Hot Chili Peppers or Katy Perry, so be it. Since raising two sons, our home and cars were filled with their music too and I easily find myself singing along to Eminem, AWOL Nation or Imagine Dragons.

On most Sunday mornings, classical music sets the tone in our home, while our Mexican dinners are accompanied by the songs of Juan Gabriel or Lila Downs and our Friday nights may include Johnny Cash, Jimmy Buffett or AC/DC playing in the background.

If the music sets the mood, makes you happy, or gives you energy, regardless of the artist or genre, fill your life with those uplifting, pulsing, head banging, or rocking tunes. And the next time you feel like rapping, dancing, or crying be sure to turn up the volume and let the music move you!

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