The Bright Side of Empty Nest…

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  • Finally a quiet house.
  • The house stays cleaner.
  • Laundry no longer resembles a small mountain.
  • Vehicles are no longer full of backpacks and sports bags and equipment.
  • No more special meals for picky eaters…unless they are visiting of course.
  • Cooking for one or two requires less prep time and cleanup.
  • The pantry isn’t overflowing with junk food.
  • You now have time to rekindle relationships with friends.
  • Travel doesn’t have to revolve around specific school breaks and events.
  • Downsizing your home or moving to your retirement home now seems possible.
  • You save on gas.
  • There is more free time to follow your dreams or hobbies.
  • Sleeping in on the weekends is sheer bliss!
  • The driveway no longer resembles a used car lot!
  • For those with boys…no more toilet seats left up.
  • No more unexpected teen friends dropping by at random times.
  • Bedrooms can be converted to a workout area or home office.

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