The Holiday Heavies

imageWith Thanksgiving under my belt, literally, and two more holidays to go, my stomach is starting to resemble a jelly roll, spilling out over my jeans. It just doesn’t seem fair that so many special occasions occur from late fall through winter, tempting us with tasty treats! Whether it’s Halloween candy, a turkey feast, or Super Bowl Sunday appetizers, every time I turn around there’s something to celebrate and plenty of food around just calling my name.

This year in particular I’m feeling rather bearish…all I want to do is eat, sleep, and hibernate until the springtime. Part of the blame is the weather. Fall has been rather unusual this year, with very little sun. My energy level is at an all-time low leaving little to no room for exercise. There’s something about the sunshine, even when it’s freezing cold, that motivates me.

Or maybe it’s menopause, rearing her ugly head. I’m almost 50 and just entered empty nest this summer. Guess all those hormonal and emotional changes could be contributing to my sluggishness too.

Unfortunately for me, when I gain weight it goes straight to my middle. And when I lose weight it comes right off my chest. And for those Judy Blume fans, I’m already president of the IBTC! Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could choose the distribution of our weight gain and weight loss?

This morning as I stared down at the scale in disbelief, it was as if it was chastising me for my overindulgence. It seemed to scold me with a “Six pounds over” chant, set on repeat mode. How in the world could I put on 6 lbs. so fast? And then visions of dark chocolate gingerbread cookies danced in my head! SIGH. It’s a good thing that a new year is upon us because someone I know needs to make some resolutions.

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