Visitors From A Planet Called College


When the kids come home for the first time and then on subsequent visits, it’s interesting to see how much they have changed. You can still see that little boy or girl in some of their mannerisms yet there is something very alien to you because you are looking at someone who now resembles an adult! While their visits remind us of how much we miss having them around home it also allows us to see and hear firsthand how much they are truly enjoying this new phase in their lives. So whether you have a large or small family, here is the scoop on college students and their visits home:

  • Some of your kids may keep you guessing until the last second about their visit home while others may come home every weekend. This mostly goes for those that live less than a couple of hours away.
  • Their personality may dictate their visits. Your social butterflies may only come home when they are kicked out of the dorm.
  • The longer visits over winter and summer break may be a difficult adjustment. Your college student may want to flex their newfound skills of independence.
  • During longer breaks, students may become non-compliant to rules and trash your now clean house.
  • Students will bring home dirty laundry. Some may actually wash it themselves while others will expect you to do it for them.
  • Your young adults will appreciate home-cooked meals more now since their diet consists mostly of fast food, convenient snacks and college dining hall fare that they are tired of eating.
  • Don’t be surprised if they sleep in and nap frequently during their stay since many students are sleep deprived.
  • A visit may consist of errands, holiday activities, hanging out with friends, and lots of sleep with not much catching up at all.
  • Visits may include extra guests in the form of a girlfriend/boyfriend and/or college friends.
  • Their comings and goings still put us on an emotional roller coaster of happiness upon their arrival and sadness on their departure with frustration thrown in here and there.

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  1. Rosey

    The kids do always want to bring someone home. I love it. :) I do miss the kids being home though, I have two grown, one who is married w/a sweet little one now of his own. :)

    1. Beth (Post author)

      Rosey it seems like I get used to my boys not being home & then when they visit the emotional roller coaster hits me as they come & go! It’s such a bittersweet time of life. Enjoy that sweet little one! Thanks for stopping by & hope you’ll visit again!


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