24 Ways To Reinvent Life During Empty Nest

imageBlogging has been a therapeutic hobby as I deal with the empty nest phase. The best remedy for that feeling of sadness and worry is to keep busy doing something you love or to learn something new so you don’t have time to think about your quiet house or the fact that the kids have moved out. Blogging has done that for me. Just what I need during this stage of life. But what if empty nest still has you singing the blues? It may be the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and follow your dreams! Not only will the kids spread their wings but so should the parents. Still not sure what to do, then give one of the 24 suggestions below a try:

  1. Enjoy spending more time with your spouse or significant other.
  2. Rekindle old friendships. Grab lunch or a coffee with a friend, play catch-up and schedule weekly get-togethers.
  3. Form a Bunco group. Not only is it a fun, easy game but you can add food, prizes and themes and rotate hosts monthly.
  4. Enroll in an online class at one of the Massive Open Online Courses (a.k.a. MOOC). Some are free while others have a fee. Courses have included everything from art appreciation, history to web design and coding.
  5. Follow your passion! Maybe you’ve always wanted to sell real estate, write or act, you are never too old to learn something new.
  6. Exercise and begin that fitness craze you’ve never had the time to do.
  7. Get out and travel. Plan day trips or longer road trips. Visit your kids. Or the United States is full of national parks, historical sites and festivals to explore.
  8. Join a club such as a reading circle, runners group or photography club.
  9. Volunteer at a local school, hospital or charity.
  10. Become a wine connoisseur by visiting local wineries. Then impress your friends with your knowledge of Chardonnays, Merlots and Pinot Noirs!
  11. Learn new ways of cooking by watching a cooking channel or YouTube. Making a pesto, guacamole or egg rolls is much easier, healthier and less expensive than you think.
  12. Play that musical instrument you once enjoyed or start or join a band.
  13. Rent a booth at a fair or indoor flea market and sell crafts.
  14. Find a new hobby such as antiquing, gardening, couponing or woodworking.
  15. Play a sport or take golf, tennis or dance lessons.
  16. Entertain more. Have a few friends over for a theme night or to watch a sporting event.
  17. Adopt a pet.
  18. Host a foreign exchange student.
  19. Start a blog.
  20. Become one with nature and start hiking.
  21. Form a group of empty nesters, 50+ crowd, etc.
  22. Research becoming a foster parent.
  23. Join online communities that you share similar interests with.
  24. For more inspiration check out the following specialty empty nest website http://www.gypsynester.com

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  1. Jenny

    This is so great and a great list of tips to fill that empty nest syndrome that I know I will have so badly when they go off on their own adventures. I fear I will just need another baby so the cycle never ends. Not the answer I know. hahaha Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round. #sharewithme

    1. Beth (Post author)

      Thanks for stopping by Jenny! The anticipation is worse than the actual empty nest! All those firsts & lasts in high school plus menopause just makes for an emotional mess. I am so looking forward to their holiday visits!


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