Downsizing…Less Is More

imageIf you haven’t caught any of the latest media trends, like the reality television show Tiny House Nation or the website, then you may want to take a look, particularly if you are thinking about downsizing your life and need some inspiration. And let’s face it, since the kids have moved out, this seems like a very plausible option and has become a major focus in our lives.

My husband and I are considering the idea of downsizing, so much so that we are preparing our house for the market, much to the surprise of our sons. Donating items and a yard sale in the works, we are minimizing our possessions. After living in a two-story house for years, the thought of having a smaller one-story home or a condo is very appealing.

Many of us have dreams to move to a warmer climate when we reach retirement so this is a great time, as empty nesters, to downsize and prepare for life in a smaller place. Downsizing has plenty of benefits. For starters, who isn’t into saving money, especially if you have kids in college and/or you are living on a fixed income? Or what about having less of a home to clean and less of a yard to maintain? Or maybe you are looking at an apartment or condo with zero lawn care and all the amenities that may come with it for your active lifestyle such as a swimming pool, exercise room, hiking path, golf course, tennis courts, lake, etc.

Do we really need a large house? Who needs all that square footage to heat, cool and clean when you can get so much more with less? More time, more freedom, more money, less stress, less upkeep, less stuff. So if you don’t already have a plan in place, it may be the perfect time in life to adopt a less is more attitude. And now you may ask about trading that gas guzzling, monster of a SUV or minivan in for a sedan or something smaller, but that my friends is for a future blog!

photo credit: Robert Benner Sr. via photopin cc

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