The Big Five-Ohhhh


There’s something about turning 50 that makes me cringe just a bit…maybe because it’s half way to a century. It’s just a number, right? Is it really all downhill from here? Wasn’t it just yesterday that I graduated college, married, and helped raise a family? Then, warp speed ahead, and my husband and I are enjoying the empty nest phase of life with big birthdays just around the corner of our lives. This particular milestone is where our past memories will collide with our fleeting future. 


For some reason, turning 50 makes us sit up and take notice of our lives or more precisely how fast the years are going by and how precious time is. We start taking inventory of our blessings, shortcomings, accomplishments, and goals. Our life experiences, all the ups and downs, seem to flash before our eyes. The fifth decade of our life sneaks up on us during an emotionally charged time when we are facing new challenges that one encounters upon growing older.


Some of us are dealing with aging parents with failing health and/or our own health issues. Retirement seems possible for some.
Empty nest is a reality for many. Grand parenting brings joy. Downsizing makes sense. Senior moments happen more frequently. Bucket lists seem more urgent. Menopause rears its hormonal head. Mid-life crisis strikes. Divorce rates go up.  And so it goes with aging.


So with my birthday creeping up faster by the day, I will enjoy the last of my 40’s as I grudgingly welcome the big five-oh. Hello AARP membership and discounts as I enter the 50+ crowd. I’m adopting a couple of new mantras that will allow me to embrace the daily reminders of aging. So the next time I sprout a gray hair, gain a few pounds, or complain of a new ache or pain , I will know that living beats the alternative. And that growing older is like a fine wine that only gets better with age! Cheers to 50!


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