The Frugal Fa$hioni$ta

imageWhile most people this time of year have the holidays on their mind, it’s the time of year I start looking for summer fashion discounts! With more free time on my hands and budgeting for two kids in college, I cannot resist saving money on clothes. Maybe it was the fact that there wasn’t a lot of money around when I was growing up. Or perhaps the fact that my mom made some of my clothes when I was young. Whatever the reason, in my later years, I have developed a love for frugal clothes shopping.

And by frugal clothes shopping, picture something along the line of a competitive sport. I’m pretty confident that I would have won a trophy or two for some of my finds! If my husband wants to do some shopping without me in a store, all he has to do is nod in a general direction while asking “Isn’t that a clearance rack over there?” And I’m off like a bloodhound searching for clues, hunting through racks of clothes, seeking out certain styles and colors in my size. I’m in my element. I mean really, who doesn’t love a bargain?

My advice for the best deals is to never buy in season. Some of my best summer finds, purchased in the winter months, include a pair of navy Docker shorts with white anchors for $3.17 and a peach Chaps summer dress for $8.20 and a pair of red Dana Buchman cords purchased in the summer for $5.00…all were 80-90 percent off! Who can resist? There are bargains and then there are BARGAINS!

Now I just wish I could get that excited about grocery shopping. I so admire shoppers who end up with $100 worth of groceries for $5. I just may have to take up the fine art of couponing! This could be my new addiction to add to my frugal clothes shopping hobby. What is the best bargain you have ever found?

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